Our Team

Meet Primergy

At Primergy, we are consciously building a diverse team of experts that highlights the very best the industry has to offer. Rooted in teamwork, respect, and a genuine passion for what we do, we’ve created a culture where bureaucracy doesn’t exist, and collaboration is our way of life.


Ty Daul

Chief Executive Officer

Ty brings three decades of experience in the power generation industry and a stellar reputation for thoughtful development expertise, leading the entire company. He served as President of Recurrent Energy Group, prior to Primergy, and Vice President of the Americas for Canadian Solar’s project development business. Ty’s integral involvement with more than 8 GW of operating renewable projects and 870 MW of operating gas-fired projects has generated investments of more than $11 billion.


Adam Larner

Chief Operations Officer

Adam runs construction and project operations, tapping into more than 20 years of experience designing, building, and investing in solar. He employs a unique and detailed understanding of the confluence of finance, construction, and operations required for high volume, low friction solar transactions. Adam has held similar positions at various solar companies, with responsibility for $830 million of capital investment across approximately 960 solar projects.


Tim Larrison

Chief Financial Officer

Tim heads up corporate and project finance, FP&A, accounting, tax, treasury and insurance. He has more than 25 years of corporate and project finance experience in the energy, water, and telecommunication sectors. Tim’s had direct involvement with two public offerings ntl: (NASDAQ: NTLI) and Enron’s water company, Azurix (NYSE: AZX). He also served as founding CFO of Clear (NASDAQ: YOU) and CFO of Green Charge Networks during its sale to ENGIE (XPAR: ENGI). Along the way, Tim’s led or supported financing of nearly $2 billion at both the corporate and project level.


Emily Cohen

Chief Development Officer

Emily oversees origination, development, marketing, and policy. Her 20 years of renewable project development experience have led to more than 15 GW of operational wind and solar projects, as well as a creative variety, of off-take contracts comprising another 4 GW. Prior to Primergy, Emily oversaw renewables commercial activities for ENGIE North America, while leading her team to a nationally recognized #1 position in utility-scale corporate PPA contracting.


Ben McReynolds

General Counsel

Ben manages all aspects of the company’s legal affairs, including corporate governance, contract negotiation, compliance, and interaction on legal affairs with counterparties, governmental authorities, regulators, and external counsel. He has more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, serving as VP and Counsel of DESRI, prior to Primergy.


Anthony Sibilia

Senior Vice President, M&A

Anthony heads up all mergers & acquisition activities, where he utilizes his market knowledge, instinct, energy and proven track record of more than 10 years, within the energy sector. Prior to Primergy, Anthony led the renewable project acquisition group at NextEra Energy Resources, responsible for nearly 10 GW of development project acquisitions.


Staci Schwartz

VP Human Resources

Staci’s title explains what she literally does for Primergy, but her passion lies in “how” by creating strong cultures where employees can thrive, bring their authentic selves to work and have some fun along the way. She has more than 20 years of human resources experience, with much of that career spent in the clean energy sector, from Iberdrola to Avangrid Renewables. Most recently, Staci worked as an executive with a cybersecurity software company.


Aaroh Kharaya

Energy Storage Engineering

Aaroh leads energy storage engineering and technology. He has more than a decade of technical and commercial experience in the energy storage, solar, and construction sectors. Prior to Primergy, Aaroh introduced and developed technical advisory services and served as the subject matter expert for energy storage at Clean Energy Associates, while supporting projects totaling more than 1.5 GWh.


Alberto Veloz

Senior Director, M&A

Alberto focuses on acquiring assets across the US. He’s approaching a decade of experience in the development, acquisition, and financing of C&I and community solar projects in the US, representing more than $150 million of financing across 80 C&I projects. Prior to Primergy, Alberto led the acquisition and structuring of four community solar portfolios, totaling 40 MWs for Nautilus Solar Energy, as Business Development Director.


Allen Roth

Project Director-EPC

Allen manages engineering, procurement and construction contracts for large utility scale projects, acting as the owner’s representative. He brings 14 years of project management experience in the renewable energy sector, and has managed the construction of more than 2 GW of solar projects throughout the country, ranging from distributed generation to large-scale utility projects exceeding 430MW. Prior to Primergy, Allen managed the project management, procurement, and engineering departments for Konisto Companies as Director of Project Management.

Andrew Gough Bio Headshot

Andrew Gough

Director, Origination

Andrew directs the origination functions for Primergy's growing solar and storage portfolio throughout the U.S. With more than a decade of commercial energy experience, spanning midstream natural gas to behind-the-meter solar, he brings a well-rounded understanding and commitment to customers’ energy goals when negotiating power purchase agreements. Prior to Primergy, Andrew held several roles at American Electric Power, most recently managing the renewable origination efforts for its deregulated wholesale outfit.


Beth Shipley

Director of Environmental Permitting

Beth leads all permitting efforts for Primergy. While sounding simple enough, this means she conducts environmental technical study evaluation and permit and mitigation measure reviews, to confirm compliance with permit conditions, and to ensure project constructability. However, Beth brings a wealth of experience to that complex task. Prior to Primergy, her energy work included a regulatory analyst position at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Energy Division, managing CEQA review of energy infrastructure projects. She also worked as a legal specialist with law firms in Pennsylvania and California, focusing on environmental contamination and remediation cases across the US.


Blair Brown

Origination Associate

Blair supports & coordinates the marketing of all Primergy solar and solar + storage projects. She utilizes her prior clean energy and marketing experience to develop and manage responses to energy off-take proposals, procurement requests, and maintaining ongoing relationships with Primergy’s portfolio of power buyers. Prior to Primergy, she supported and led a wide range of activities in marketing and administration for ENGIE North America.

Blake Akanno Headshot

Blake Akanno

Commercial Analytics & Structuring Senior Manager

Blake minimizes risk and maximizes value across Primergy's asset portfolio by managing structured off-take, balanced with the creation of innovative commercial solutions. He brings years of experience in long- and short-term hedging for all energy products in multiple markets across North America. Prior to Primergy, he traded and supported more than a dozen gigawatts of utility scale wind, solar and storage in multiple markets with Leeward Renewable Energy.


Bre Moyle

Manager - Environmental Services

Bre manages environmental mitigation measures during development and construction, into operations and maintenance, to ensure compliance with myriad rules, regulations and Primergy’s strong conservation values. She collaborates with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure compliance on permit requirements and regulations while taking the lead on project related, natural resource and wildlife issues, and policy implementation. Bre brings more than a dozen years of experience prior to Primergy, ensuring environmental compliance during construction for large complex projects, including solar, linear transmission, and pipeline.


Brette Pedrick

Senior Analyst,

Brette supports our M&A team on acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic partnerships.  She brings nearly 20 years of energy industry experience to her role, the majority of that time in renewables.  Prior to Primergy she managed a team within the Investment Office at Avangrid Renewables, responsible for modeling the value and risks of early-stage wind and solar development projects, pricing potential off-takes, and modeling and reporting on the value and health of the operating portfolio and pipeline. While there, she led the modeling efforts that brought 1.3 GWs of renewable energy projects online.  


Cameron J. Kaiser

Commercial Strategy Associate

Cam is responsible for maintaining financial models to support acquisitions, energy off-take proposals, and supporting strategic initiatives within the renewable development team. He gained experience in the valuation of distributed generation solar and battery projects, as well as credit risk, with AEP OnSite Partners, prior to Primergy.


Chrissa Kozaki

Project Finance Manager

Chrissa leads project finance transactions, drawing on her experience in supporting more than $700M in tax equity, debt financing and land monetization for utility-scale solar and battery projects. Prior to Primergy, Chrissa led the modeling for tax equity and debt transactions for their pipeline of clean energy assets with AES Clean Energy.

Chris Morris Bio Headshot

Chris Morris

Senior Manager – Development

Chris manages a wide variety of tasks while developing our solar projects, especially focusing on enhancing relationships and engagement with landowners and local communities. Prior to Primergy, Chris spent seven years working as part of the development and construction teams that completed more than 1.3 GW of clean energy projects at EDP Renewables North America. That work also involved numerous other early to late-stage wind, solar, and storage projects.


Christina M. Cazares

Senior Director, Development

Christina manages our US greenfield development portfolio. She has 13 years of experience working in the renewable energy industry, focusing on solar, wind and energy storage development. Prior to Primergy, Christina lead origination and development efforts for utility-scale battery storage projects in numerous markets, contributing to the successful construction of 160 MW solar and standalone energy storage projects for RWE Renewables (formerly E.ON Climate & Renewables). She also managed the storage development efforts of a 2.5 GW solar plus storage pipeline.

Christine Felz Headshot

Christine Felz

Project Manager, Development

Christine manages the evaluation of numerous greenfield efforts within Primergy’s nation-wide development portfolio pipeline. Prior to Primergy, she led the Services team for Solas Energy Consulting, working on land use, permitting and environmental compliance projects for solar, wind and energy storage clients across the US. Christine’s project development career spans well into its second decade now, with additional experience in environmental services, land management and public affairs.


Daniel O’Brien

Project Engineering Manager

Daniel manages all project engineering deliverables for utility scale solar and battery storage projects. With more than a decade of experience in equipment design, power generation, and renewable construction, he brings a unique skillset and proven track record of applying innovative solutions within the fast-paced environment of project execution.


Dareem David

Vice President, Finance

Dareem leads the project finance team, responsible for structuring and sourcing a variety of project-level capital for Primergy’s portfolio of projects. He has more than 5 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, including tax equity, project finance, and M&A. Prior to Primergy, Dareem led tax equity and debt transactions for utility-scale solar and storage projects, with sPower.


Deepa Ananthakrishnan

Senior Vice President,
Operations & Engineering

Deepa heads up operations and engineering, relying on 15 years of professional experience in business development, operations, and engineering, procurement, and construction. Prior to Primergy, she held multiple leadership roles at Sun Power, responsible for negotiating and executing more than 20 GW of projects across the globe.


Devin Hanel

Commercial Strategy Associate

Devin oversees strategic commercial initiatives and manages project financial models for both offtake and acquisitions. Prior to Primergy, he managed project-level accounting in support of development and M&A at Galehead Development, also working on its WECC greenfield development team. In that role, Devin managed early-stage assets through permitting and interconnection, while also driving their market selection process.


Erika Nevarez

Director, Operations

Erika coordinates and directs all technical development efforts among Primergy's Operations, Development and M&A organizations. She draws from her decade of previous solar industry experience where she has served as the technical lead for multiple projects in various stages of the project lifecycle, ranging from site scoping to execution and COD. Prior to Primergy, Erika worked for Leeward Renewable Energy (formerly First Solar) leading technical aspects of solar project design and execution.

Evan Hughard Headshot

Evan Hughard

Project Manager, Development

Evan manages later-stage development activities for near construction ready projects in the MISO and ERCOT markets. Prior to Primergy, he worked at Strata Clean energy, managing multiple greenfield development efforts in MISO, PJM, TVA, and ERCOT. Earlier in his career, Evan provided consulting services to cleantech startups concentrating on biomass, energy efficiency deployment, agrivoltaics, and green hydrogen.


Florentino Soria

Senior Manager, M&A

Florentino focuses on originating, conducting due-diligence, and acquiring small and utility-scale solar projects. He has 7 years of experience in the development and financing of renewable energy projects, working on close to $3 billion of transactions, encompassing nearly 1GW. Prior to Primergy, he held a range of responsibilities in development, financing, and strategic initiatives for the Renewable Properties firm.


Frank Arcanin

Project Director

Frank manages engineering, procurement, and construction contracts for large utility scale projects. He brings nearly 40 years of experience in the Industrial / utility sector of the electrical industry, including 14 years in the renewable energy sector. Frank contributed to more than 3 GW of utility scale project development, construction management, operations & maintenance, regulatory compliance, and project safety. Prior to Primergy, he oversaw development, EPCM, and O&M, as VP of Operations at DynaSolar Services.


Garrett Parker

Project Manager,

Garrett manages various development items for a number of projects across the US. Prior to Primergy, he spent two years at EDP Renewables North America, where he worked on utility scale solar, storage, and wind development projects. Garrett’s work helped lead to more than 300MW of constructed projects, as well as progressing multiple greenfield and early-stage development projects.

Graham Downey Headshot

Graham Downey

Director, Strategy & Analytics

Graham leads the commercial strategy and analytics team, working with customers and developers to maximize the structure of energy off-take agreements and optimize the value of each project. Prior to Primergy, Graham managed a team responsible for energy off-take financial modeling, developing pricing strategies, and providing quantitative contract negotiation support for ENGIE North America.


Ishaq Pakawala

Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Ishaq leads the planning, execution, and oversight of Primergy’s corporate financial management, also providing strategic financial input to the leadership team to help meet the company's business and financial objectives. He brings more than 16 years’ experience in Power Generation and Energy Services with vast expertise in aligning strategic planning and financial performance goals. Prior to joining Primergy Ishaq held a variety of leading roles within ENGIE including Dir Corporate FP&A, and CFO for Engie Services Inc, Canada.


Jean Korch

Senior Legal Manager

Jean works alongside General Counsel to help manage all aspects of the company’s legal affairs. She has more than 10 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, assisting in myriad legal aspects covering more than 2GW of solar and solar+storage projects. Prior to Primergy, Jean handled all manner of legal issues at 8minute Solar Energy.


Jonathan Cairns

Project Director-EPC

Jonathan is responsible for Owner’s representation while managing engineering, procurement, and construction His experience includes 14 years in the energy industry, with the last four focused on a solar portfolio exceeding 650MW. Prior to Primergy, Jonathan helped lead scoping, RFP process, contract negotiations, engineering, procurement, construction, and closeout on multiple projects for Leeward Renewable Energy (formerly First Solar).


Justin Foucault

Director of Procurement and Contract Management

Justin leads various procurement activities, and the structuring and contract administration of EPC agreements. His more than a decade of experience with contracts and procurement in power generation and civil infrastructure provide the perfect blend for maximizing value for Primergy's major equipment purchases.  Prior to Primergy, Justin spent more than five years with First Solar, leading the transaction of EPC agreements, battery supply agreements, and O&M agreements, involving utility-scale solar and storage projects across North America.


Katie Hoffmaster

Director - Origination & Marketing

Katie directs all marketing and origination, amplifying Primergy’s vast portfolio offerings to our customers and industry partners. She puts her 10 years of industry experience in utility-scale renewable energy project origination and commercial development to work on behalf of all energy clients, bringing them customized opportunities and bringing their unique needs to the attention of Primergy’s talented team. Prior to Primergy Katie worked for NextEra Energy Resources leading/coordinating development, origination, and regulatory activities. She also oversees Primergy's external communications across multiple platforms, while assisting with public relations and editorial coverage.


K. Harley McDonald

Senior Director,
Western Development

Harley oversees a number of development projects and has a lengthy energy career, starting with her underwater archeology work in oil & gas, to the past nearly 20 years developing utility-scale renewable energy throughout the Western US. She specializes in completing complicated, large-scale wind and solar projects in complex regulatory environments, most recently with Avangrid Renewables, prior to Primergy.


Kiley Powell

Development Administrator

Kiley supports the Development team in myriad ways to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. She coordinates with leadership to identify and assist with workflow & quality improvements, database & document maintenance, and oversees the management of real estate contracts and payments. New to the solar industry, Kiley combines her deep passion for sustainability with strong interpersonal and organizational skills gained as HR Director for a 50+ employee non-profit organization, prior to Primergy.


Kristen Hahn

Project Development Manager

Kristen leads development of Primergy’s entire USA greenfield portfolio. Her 13 years of development experience working in the renewable energy industry include wind, solar, and energy storage. Prior to Primergy, she contributed to the development of 16GW of operating wind, solar and energy storage projects across North America, with MAP Energy.


Kristen Osterholt

Marketing Manager

Kristen heads marketing for several utility-scale solar projects. Prior to Primergy, she contributed to the development of more than 2 GW of Western US projects with First Solar Inc., and provided support for the sale process of the company’s 10 GW solar and storage project platform.


Lisa Leipzig

Vice President, Development

Lisa leads all project development activities, with more than 15 years of experience developing and acquiring utility-scale wind, solar, and storage projects. She’s had integral involvement with the development and acquisition of more than 9 GW’s during her career. Prior to Primergy, Lisa led project development and acquisitions across the US for AEP Renewables.


Mahlia Jackson

Project Finance Intern

Mahlia works alongside the project finance team. She assists and learns about numerous activities from the logistics of financial modeling and analysis, tax equity and debt transactions, to project due diligence, and data room management. We’re proud to have Mahila supporting Primergy’s mission, utilizing her passion for clean energy and background as a Senior finance student at Howard University, to explore a potential clean energy career.


Marcus Brown

GIS Manager

Marcus applies his technical expertise to help the development team determine how best to locate all components of solar and energy storage projects. Building on his prior experience in the renewable energy sector, as well as government, wet utilities, and fiber optics; he helps the team visualize, analyze, and collect data to make smart business decisions. Marcus is passionate about helping achieve business goals with the thoughtful application of technology and enjoys collaborating with professionals across disciplines.


Mehdi Siddique

Director of Transmission & Interconnection

Mehdi is responsible for Primergy's Interconnection activities, with over 11 years of experience in Transmission & Interconnection, System Operations, and Protection & Control. Prior to joining Primergy, Mehdi worked at NextEra Energy, where he was the regional interconnection lead for renewable generation (Solar, Wind, and Energy Storage) in WECC and Canada. He managed interconnection process to support new growth opportunities, performed due diligence for renewable assets M&A, and brought projects to Commercial Operation. Mehdi holds a Professional Engineering license.


Nam Le

Senior Transmission & Interconnection Manager

Nam oversees Interconnection and Transmission activities for Primergy including new projects, planning, execution, and operations.  Prior to Primergy, he spent 14 years gaining a wide variety of experience in the utility industry, as Project Engineer, Project Manager and Technical Advisor, working in diverse fields, including high voltage construction, operations, maintenance, transmission business, interconnection, and power marketing.  Before all that, Nam worked as a Project Engineer building military infrastructures for the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Nate Sweet

Manager, M&A

Nate supports project partnerships and acquisitions. He utilizes his extensive experience with more than $900M of debt and tax equity financings and supporting multiple utility-scale PPA transactions with both corporate off-takers and trading desks across various US power markets. Prior to Primergy, he was a member of both the project finance and origination teams for AES Clean Energy.


Ryan Schalk

Senior Project Manager – Development

Ryan manages the development of a number of Primergy's utility-scale and distributed generation projects. He provides support to the full-suite of associated activities, reducing risk and uncertainty, and delivering on-time and on-budget. Prior to Primergy, Ryan spent 8 years in the renewables industry, most recently with EDP Renewables North America holding various roles in solar, storage, and wind project development in both WECC and CAISO and previously as a consultant with DNV.


Sara Deslierres

Office Manager

Sara holds the ship together. She has more than 12 years of experience supporting high-level professionals in a variety of demanding industries requiring confidentiality and precise diligence. Prior to Primergy, Sara worked as the Executive Assistant to the owner/operator of Ammari Investments, managing both residential and commercial properties, researching potential business opportunities and investments, creating and executing contracts, and assisting with all aspects of business venture research and acquisition.


Steven Estoclet

Commercial Strategy Associate

Steven helps assess project valuations for both power offtake agreements and new acquisition opportunities for the Commercial Strategy team. Prior to Primergy, he held a similar role for ibV Energy Partners. Steven has worked with both distributed generation and utility scale solar and battery projects across the US for more than half a decade now.


Suchil Samant

General Counsel

Suchil helps manage all aspects of the company’s legal affairs, working alongside the General Counsel and the Senior Legal Manager . He brings more than 10 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, assisting in the development and financing of more than 3GW of solar, solar plus storage, and stand-alone storage projects. Prior to Primergy, Suchil assisted renewable energy industry clients in M&A, project finance and development matters at Orrick.


Toby Butterfield

Director of Development

Toby is responsible for strategic development and risk mitigation of a number of projects. With more than a decade of experience in the renewable industry, across a variety of technical and management roles, he develops projects with a complete lifecycle mindset. Previously, Toby led a large cross-functional team to problem solve and ensure on-time and on-budget engineering, construction, and commissioning of utility scale wind and solar assets at EDP Renewables.


Toby Tuttle

Senior Project Manager, Development

Toby brings nearly two decades of experience working in the telecommunications and energy industries. He spent the last quarter of that in renewable energy, managing utility-scale wind and solar projects. Prior to Primergy, Toby directed development for a small regional wind energy company in the upper Midwest. He’s also served in myriad roles as an engineer, project manager and developer, for companies like Black & Veatch, Xcel and Duke.


Thomas Regenhard

Vice President, Project Execution

Thomas is responsible for the project delivery of all small- and large-scale solar and storage projects. He has 20 years of experience in large project development and construction, including more than 13 years in the renewable energy sector. Prior to Primergy, Thomas managed all permitting and sitting for First Solar Inc., where he was responsible for a large portfolio of projects across the US, ranging from 25 MW to 300 MW.


Todd Lacoste

Vice President, Asset Management

As Todd’s title implies, he’s responsible for Primergy's portfolio of operating assets, including financial and operations performance, contract management, and oversight of operations and maintenance (O&M). He’s spent nearly three decades in power generation, including almost half that time in the renewable energy sector. Prior to Primergy, Todd worked in renewable energy for BP Solar, SunPower, and Origis Services.